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Cirrus Networks

Cirrus Networks is a leading provider of managed IT support and Cloud services in the South East and Mid West of England. – Our aim is to build long term relationships with enterprise customers who need to outsource their IT support requirements.

Cirrus Networks is a business designed from the ground up with a single goal in mind. To help small business move their IT into the cloud. Cirrus Networks

We can also rent to you, on a monthly basis, the entire system from the computers at your offices to the servers that you access in our racks. You don’t even need a firewall or a VPN if you take our private network broadband, so your office is secure with the fastest possible internet speeds.

Cirrus's sytems are housed in a purpose built Datacentre, we have many servers, in battery backed racks with multiple internet connections to ensure 100% availability.

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Meet the team

With over 30 years experience

CirrusNetworks - Mark Street

Mark Street

Director and founder of Cirrus Networks Ltd
and all associations linked to.

Cirrusnet Workplace Services - Josh Linaker

Josh Linaker

Technical engineer and advisor