IT Services

Information Technology is at the heart of every business. Our team of IT Pro's becomes your IT helpdesk, providing a service that’s matched to your businesses needs. We’ll manage your complete system and help your users, so you can focus on your commercial goals.

IT Services - End user Support

End user Support

The No.1 frustration for members of your team is when the system is not working as it should. A stuck update or printer that refuses to cooperate, a myriad things can and do go wrong! The team at Cirrus will, on request remote control your PC and fix the issue as if we were right there.

IT Services - Network Support

Network Support

Along with your computers, printers and servers, is the glue that pulls the whole thing together and is often overlooked. The network with its miles of cables and many switches needs love too! We can monitor your switches, routers and firewall's as part of our monitoring suite.

IT Services - Backup & Business Recovery

Backup & Business Recovery

We provide and manage classic on and offsite backup solutions to suit your budget. We can also Take the protection to another level with Business continuity planning and recovery.

IT Services - Hardware

PC's, Laptops & Servers

As we buy from disribution channel, we can procure IT equipment at competitive prices. In addition, if you buy from us, we take care of any warrenty issues on you behalf. All kit will be adequatly specified for its task.

IT Services - Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Specialists require specialist equipment. CAD workstations from £1200

IT Services - Network Design

Network Design

Networks are getting more an more complex. With IoT and VoIP comes the need for more and more IP adresses. A lot of networks that have grown over the years simply cant cope with the demand. a network can only deal with 250 hosts. 100 users, each with a PC, desk phone and mobile is over 300 IP's!!!!

IT Services - Infrastructure Consolidation

Infrastructure Consolidation

If it’s not broken why bother to change it right? It’s the phrase we all use when we don’t want to give into the dreaded sales person. We fully agree with this phrase and use it where we can too! By supporting your current network, we can work with you to maximise the software functionalities advising where there is room for improvement straight from the service provider.

IT Services - Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions

Virtual desktops utilises servers rather than dedicated desktops and applications per user. In a nutshell, instead of only being able to use one PC for a user You just log into each machine using your unique email credentials and each Desktop has the same software on saved on the server. Remote access lets you move people about rather than heavy hardware and shared files easily accessible by anyone in your organisation anywhere.

IT Services - Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

With GraphTek at hand, no longer will you be stuck with your next step on your project due to IT limitations. Our project consultancy will give you all the resources you need to tackle that next big project.

IT Services - Website Design

Website Design

From scratch to redesign and hosting our free consultation will give you peace of mind you’re in friendly competent hands. Weather it’s a simple 3 page design or a complex elaborate multi page booking site we can cater for all needs. Every quote is no obligation.