Telecoms & Internet Connectivity

Business is fast paced, nowadays 80% is handled virtually. Whether we like to admit it or not usually you’ll be found on your phone or checking the dreaded e-mail. Here at Cirrusnet we set up and maintain everything, making you look good. We’ve been fortunate enough to team up with leading telecoms provider Lascom. Offering you the best, dedicated solutions. We take away the awful to and from when a fault occurs and work together to fix it ASAP. Fast, affordable, reliable workmanship.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - All Inclusive VoIP Systems

All Inclusive VoIP Systems

Own phones? Switching provider or expanding by a handset or two we can give you the best deal and peace of mind. All our handsets come with manufacturer’s warranty, installed and maintained by ourselves. Refurbs and rentals available.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - EFM


Are you interested in telecom VoIP systems but your broadband isn’t great? With our EFM integration solutions we transform your simple connection which often delays or cuts out at the worst times, into a super-fast, reliable, uninterrupted, and consistent way to host calls and conferences.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - Ethernet


Super-fast, super reliable, super symmetric download and upload speed mirroring, better than business broadband premium product. Or we call it our super product! Upgrading EFM connections from 2-16MbPs to as much as 1000MbPs. Super or what? Just visit our contact us page and request a free speed consultation by phone or e-mail.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - High Speed Broadband

High Speed Broadband

Have you had the stuck e-mail in your outbox or online training interferences thanks to the internet provider? Being in IT these are our pet hates. With our free systems appraisal, we come to you, consult with you the best support package, and how to use it to the best of your ability and furthermore, improve or upgrade connectivity. Making your internet faster and your business continue to tick.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - IP SIP Trunks for VoIP

IP SIP Trunks for VoIP

Business owners lately have become ever more competitive trying to stay one step ahead of the rest. One of these ways is VoIP video/ voice calling. It erases the limitations of hard wired phone systems in one usually major cost effective sweep. Meaning your bills don’t have to grow as your business does.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - ISDN & PTSN Lines


Upgrades, line relocation or extension, we can cater for your needs. If you’d like any information on speed tests and how to improve clarity with simple yet highly sophisticated solutions we offer free over the phone advice with our technical team, just request a call back by phone or e-mail on our contact us page.

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity - Phone Systems

Phone Systems

We wouldn’t be very good if we could provide phonelines but no handsets now would we? Our systems are tailor made around each and every one of your employees, direct dials, conferencing, or team circles you name it we can install it. Refurb and rental available.